Advice & Tips On How To Cook Gluten-Free Pasta

Need some gluten-free pasta help!

We have found a few pastas that my daughter liked, but mommy is having trouble cooking them properly! Any suggestions/ tips greatly appreciated! My issues are:

1. Rice pasta seems to break apart into itty bitty pieces. If I don’t stir it, it sticks together.

2. Corn based pasta. How do get it to not be sticky from the corn starch?

3. Corn and quinoa blend (our favorite so far). It all stuck together, even though I put oil in the water. Then the stuck together parts did not cook.

Am I doing something wrong?


If rice pasta is breaking apart you are overcooking it, a minute makes a huge difference. And if it is sticking together it needs a bigger pot and more water.

Make sure to put lots of salt in the water (rice pasta for example – 1 tablespoon)

Gluten free pasta needs to be added to a pan of boiling only takes about 5 mins..I left it one day with a lid on it after I turned it was the tagliatelle one..all the pasta disintegrated..really just looked like chicken soup

Don’t add oil, oil doesn’t stop it sticking, I have Italian friends who confirmed this. It stops the sauce being absorbed into the pasta so limits flavour.

I cook my pasta a minute and half less than what i would do none gf. Nice and firm. Make sure the water is boiling before putting it in. Add a little bit of salt. Oil doesn’t stop it sticking so no point adding it.

t doesn’t need to boil very long. The first few times we cooked, pasta was over cooked and all stuck together. I add salt in the boiling water and stir a lot.

You can only add it to boiling water otherwise it goes to mush. I also refrain from adding salt as I find this makes it disintegrate. We’ve used a variety of pastas and once you get the hang of it its better than normal pasta..

I always stir my pasta throughout cooking and then once drained pour a boiling kettle of water over to get rid of the stickiness.

Corn and rice pasta if you rinse it after you’ve drained it then the excess starch is removed and turns out fine.

This first minute after you put pasta into boiling water is very important! Keep stirring until the water start to bubbling again, then you can wait until pasta cooked. Check every now and then for extra stir. All pasta are the same, they will stick together if you didn’t give enough stir at the start.

Yes they always state big pot and lots of water. I put GF pasta into boiling water and stir etc cook till desired consistency I do find with GF pasta it needs longer cooking

We buy the 4 grain gf blend. Aldi’s brand or Ronzoni is the best. Cooked al dente and my non celiac family members didn’t know it was gf! Also, salt in the water, not oil.

See this post about gluten-free pasta brands to use

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