Being Gluten-Free Or Vegan Costs £2000 Extra Per Year Report Shows


A new study from VouchercodesPro highlights that having to eat a gluten-free diet because you are Celiac/Coeliac or gluten intolerant could add an extra £2000 ($2500) per year to your food bills.

“The research by VoucherCodesPro quizzed 2,197 Britons with dietary requirements and found that over a third of people felt that there were downsides to their dietary situation.”

“These included having to pay more than usual, having limited food and drink options, a lack of understanding among friends and family and having to take vitamin supplements to ensure they’re getting all the necessary nutrients.”

“As part of the study, all respondents were asked to state roughly how much extra they felt they spent per month by purchasing diet-specific food and drink, instead of ‘everyday’ products off the shelf that do not cater to their diet.”

Thankfully supermarkets and the food industry are increasing the range of gluten-free products to meet demand but a common complaint among members of FreeFromGluten Facebook Group is how much extra these items cost in-comparison to regular products.

A cynic might say that they are exploiting the public’s health as those that suffer from gluten intolerance have no choice, but it is important to check, read and understand labels as you may find that even though a food product has no GF sticker it may be completely safe to eat.

Do you agree that it’s costing you an extra £2000 ($2500) per year to eat?

Original article Evening Standard

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