How To Recover From Being “Glutened”? Things To Do & Take…



Despite your best efforts there is always the chance of being “glutened” either through a mistake, cross contamination or misreading a label.

The symptoms can be especially harsh if you have been diagnosed coeliac / celiac or are gluten-intolerent and have avoided eating foods with gluten present and then you are suffer an exposure.

Being exposed to gluten causes both physical and emotional pain, and although symptoms may change over time, a familiar trigger will typically let you know it is time to get home or to a bathroom immediately.

Common Symptoms Of Gluten Exposure Include:

Muscle and Body Aches
Joint Pain
Bloating or Gas
Nausea or Stomach Cramps
Constipation or Diarrhea
Rashes, Acne, or Other Skin Disturbances
Headaches or Migraines
Depression or Anxiety
Brain fog

To help you recover from a “glutening” here are our top suggestions to ease your symptoms

Plenty of water to help flush out the system
Coconut water starts the hydration process and naturally replaces electrolytes
Apple cider vinegar in water with lemon. For a litre bottle of water add 2 caps of Apple Cider Vinegar and half a lemon cut into pieces.
Honegar – reportedly tastes quite nice. Is a blend of unpasteurised honey and cider vinegar
Peppermint tea
Chamomile Tea
Tonic water
Ginger tea
Chicken stock
Bone Broth
Manuka honey to any hot drink to help heal the gut.
Aloe vera juice

Sleep as much as possible to give the body time to rest and heal.
Use a hot water bottle
Epsom Salts – run a hot bath with epsom salts added

Start out with clear liquids like Chicken stock & bone broth and then move onto toast, plain pieces of gluten-free bread or crackers.
Try some pineapple as it has its own enzymes that aid digestion.
Keep clear of dairy during recovery because the villi are in no shape to digest it yet.


Probiotics – take an increased dose after symptoms have eased to restore your levels of good gut bacteria

Digestive Enzymes – speed up digestion and thus should push gluten through your system quicker. There are a several available including GlutenEase. It works by normalizing your body’s inflammatory response to gluten peptide.

Activated Charcoal – take as soon as possible after an accidental gluten ingestion, it binds gluten and helps neutralize and reduce gas and diarrhea in the gut.

L-glutamin -is an amino acid that reduces inflammation and helps heal the gut lining.

Paracetamol – over the counter pain reliever for headaches, inflammation & swelling.

Bisodol – excellent for easing tummy problems

digestZen – by doterra

Buscopan – IBS one


When you feel like you can move, you can’t beat a bit of fresh air and a good walk it will help your circulation and exercise is know as a mood enhancer through the release of endorphins.


And don’t forget you are not alone many others experience this and you can always join our Facebook Group for support and advice.

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