The Best Chocolate Cake in The World Comes From a Tiny Store in Lisbon – Is Also Gluten-free


The best flourless chocolate cake you’ll ever have!

A chocolate cake so delicious that people from around the world travel to this little spot in Lisbon.  Located on an unassuming street corner in Lisbon’s Campo d’Ourique neighborhood, it’s hardly what you’d expect a world-famous storefront to look like. The actual store, unabashedly titled, “O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo” (which translates to “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World”) looks more like a pop-up — with no more than approximately eight seats inside, the walls are plastered with clippings from various magazines and newspapers, all singing praises of this notoriously acclaimed cake. There isn’t a menu. This place serves one thing, and one thing only — and customers, loyal locals and determined tourists alike, come in ordering slices (occasionally with a coffee) or full cakes for future consumption.

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