The Ultimate Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding Recipe


Gluten-free yorkshire puddings


One of the most frequent requests in the FreeFromGluten Facebook Group is a recipe for gluten-free yorkshire puddings.

Now, for our North American readers a Yorkshire pudding is shown in the picture above, but basically it is like a pancake mix, in the UK & Ireland plus Australia & New Zealand we typically eat Yorkshire Puddings (Yorkshires or Yorkies) with a Roast Meal on a Sunday.

One of our Facebook Group members posted a tried and tested simple recipe for yorkshire puddings using cornflour and it works every time.

Makes 12 


140 ml milk
3 eggs
3oz cornflour – (cornstarch in USA/Canada)


Add the milk, eggs and cornflout to a bowl and whisk until a batter. Leave to stand for 15/20 minutes.

Turn the oven upto Gas Mark 7 or 425 F / 220 C

Take a 12 hole muffin tray. Put a small amount of oil/fat in the bottom of each in the muffin tray cups ( can’t think of another word to describe) . Heat it until it is smoking hot.

Quickly pour your batter into the cups in the muffin tray & put back in the oven. Should take about 15-20 mins. Keep an eye of them. Take them out when all puffy & brown.


This recipe works brilliantly for toad in the hole as well.

Mini Toad in the hole


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