Is Whiskey Safe To Drink If You Are Celiac Or Gluten-Free?


Can You Drink Whiskey If You Are Coeliac Or Gluten Intolerent?

This is quite a common question especially during the Christmas and New Year period thankfully the answers below should put your mind at rest and enable you to enjoy a wee dram!


According to Coeliac UK, whisky is fine because of the distillation process 🙂

This is true , if its distilled the gluten is killed, if it’s fermented (eg beer unless it’s gf beer) u can’t have it.

I drink Jameson, Chivas and Dalwhinnie and those are fine. Whiskeys should be gluten free as long as nothing is added after the distillation process. Check flavoured ones.
Chivas Regal , Johnny Walker (all) Famous Grouse , Grants and Glenfiddich . Enjoy x

I emailed a load of distillery’s at the weekend Glenfiddich, Grants and Famous Grouse all got back to me and confirmed they are gf.
Most alcohol is gluten free.
Most spirits and wine is. Not all alcohol.

To be extra safe try triple distilled! Mostly the Irish ones are and much smoother!
Been GF and Scottish one of the first things i found out about not really but all Gluten is removed via the distilling process in Famous Grouse anyway.

I was under the impression all spirits were gluten free?
Some whisky has malt reintroduced after distillery process to add flavour. These three Grants, Glenfiddich and Famous Grouse though don’t!

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